Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing Program

Meet the Faculty and Staff

The teachers on our faculty are nursing experts. All have nursing degrees. Because they have all practiced nursing, they can share their experiences and relate subjects to real clinical issues.
 Nancy Haughton
Nancy K. Haughton MSN RN
Interim Nursing Program Director

Full-Time Faculty
Michele Carpenter
  • Michele Carpenter, MSN RN





Kris Krueger
  • Kris Krueger, MSN RN
L'Tanya Taylor  
  • L'Tanya Taylor, MSN RN

  • Leslie Pavletich, MSN RN

Leslie Waltz
  • Leslie Waltz, MSN RN

Part-Time Faculty
  • Teresa Berkman, MSN RN

 Blaize Photo
  • Kathy Blaize, MSN RN

 Theresa Boate', MSN RN

  • Theresa Boate', MSN RN
Lisa Carroll  
  • Lisa Carroll, PhD(c) MSN RN

 Eagen Photo
  • Michelle Eagen, BSN, RN

  • Julia Frevert, MSN RN

Sharon Hodge
  • Sharon Hodge, MSN RN