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CCIU Practical Nursing Program announces first graduating class from TCHS campus

First Graduating Class

Pictured above (from left to right), are members ofthe Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) Practical Nursing Program (PNP)’sfirst graduating class from the Technical College High School satellite site,and the program’s faculty and staff: Row 1 - Tiffany Goodman, Cindy Kimble,Laura Fuller, Shar Massey (valedictorian), Dave Turner (salutatorian), DoreenOfei, April McKenzie, and Debra Vachon. Row 2 - Joel Reynolds, Amelia Lyon,Beth Hodge, Jennifer Hennelly, Eileen Watkins Navarro, Lindsay Urban, ReginaSampson, Patricia Wyatt, Benjamin Schroeder, and Rhonda Master. Row 3 (facultyand staff) - Terri Rich, Lisa Carroll, Tedescha Short, Linda Clay, SharonHodge, Nancy Haughton, Kris Krueger, Leslie Waltz, Theresa Boate, Patty Knecht(Director), Nancy Gattuso, and Karen McDermott.

West Grove, PA – The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU)Practical Nursing Program is proud to announce its first graduating class fromthe program’s satellite site. The site is located at the Technical College HighSchool (TCHS) in West Grove in Southern Chester County.

Members of the graduating class include: Laura Fuller,Tiffany Goodman, Jennifer Hennelly, Beth Hodge, Cindy Kimble, Amelia Lyon, SharMassey (valedictorian), Rhonda Master, April McKenzie, Eileen Watkins Navarro,Doreen Ofei, Joel Reynolds, Regina Sampson, Benjamin Schroeder, Dave Turner(salutatorian), Lindsay Urban, Debra Vachon, and Patricia Wyatt.

The CCIU Practical Nursing Program is a post-secondaryprogram that prepares students to pass the LPN licensing exam and either enterthe nursing profession or continue their education. The program has been inexistence for over 50 years and boasts an over 95 percent NCLEX-PN pass rate.

The CCIU Practical Nursing Program has two sites: one at theCenter for Arts & Technology (CAT) Brandywine Campus in Coatesville and oneat the Chester County Technical College High School in West Grove. Applicationsare being accepted at both sites for spring classes.

For more information on the Practical Nursing Program, call610-384-6214 or click here.