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  • Building Capable Writers

    The Literacy Conference is offered in collaboration with Immaculata University. This full-day conference promotes building capable writers with students in K-8 classrooms.
    The continuum of writing starts with solid instructional practice and blooms with supportive feedback. Participants will:
    • Cultivate feedback strategies to engage and inspire writers.
    • Examine methods of utilizing sound walls as everyday instructional tools for beginning writers.
    • Explore intentional language and nurturing feedback techniques to promote resilient writers.


    9:00 to 10:30 AM Feedback that Moves Writers Forward with Patty McGee

    10:30 to 10:45 AM Break

    10:45 AM to 12:30 PM Participants choose one session

    Session 1 for K-2 educators Sound Walls: It's All About Print with Dr. Dawn M. Durham

    Session 2 for 3-8 educators Building Resilient Writers with author Patty McGee

    12:30 to 1:30 PM Lunch and Patty McGee's books will be available to purchase and sign.

    1:30 PM to 3:00 PM Participants return to sessions

    Session 1 for K-2 educators Sound Walls: It's All About Print with Dr. Dawn M. Durham

    Session 2 for 3-8 educators Building Resilient Writers with author Patty McGee

    3:00 PM Graduate credit meeting required for anyone who opts for the graduate credit course.


  • Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writers

    Facilitated by Patty McGee
    Author. Teacher. Facilitator.

    Just the right kind of feedback can nurture perseverance, engagement, and ownership, thus creating passionate, invested writers.  Author and educator Patty McGee will demonstrate ways that feedback can inspire students to reach new heights as writers. She will discuss ways to use feedback to help writers reflect so they are better able to apply what they learned about content, craft, and style and become fearless, original, and intentional writers—in any content area.

    Sound Walls: It's All About Print

    Facilitated by Dr. Dawn M. Durham
    Consultant. Teacher. Trainer.

    Our traditional word walls are limiting in how they can assist students in achieving proficiency. Sound walls are instructional tools that lend themselves to the articulation and phoneme-grapheme correspondence of words. Our language embraces the notion of speech to print match. A sound wall draws a parallel to this match and the understanding of our unbuilt circuity for reading and writing. Once we understand how students perceive words, we adjust our practices to enhance reading instruction. Establishing a sound wall augments instruction through speech and articulation, the way in which we engage with the printed world. Utilizing a sound wall as a daily instructional tool will allow for students to make connections between phonemes and graphemes – orthographic mapping, building the circuitry for reading and spelling. Educators need to understand how to use a sound wall to support their students’ reading and spelling development. This session will equip practitioners with the knowledge of our sound system and the evidence-based benefits of incorporating a sound wall into their practice.

    Building Resilient Writers

    Facilitated by Patty McGee
    Author. Teacher. Facilitator. 

    Writing may just be the experience that requires the most resilience in schools. After all, writing exposes vulnerabilities, but through that, students find their voice and power. When students show up again and again, despite feeling vulnerable, writing skills will develop. Learn new ways to support resilient writers by integrating proven techniques and intentional language in writing instruction.



  • Patty McGee

    Patty McGee is passionate about all things literacy and has worked near and far—in her own home town of Harrington Park and across the world in Abu Dhabi and many places in between. Her latest book is Writer’s Workshop Made Simple: 7 Essentials for Every Classroom and Every Writer (Benchmark Education 2021). Patty’s first book, Feedback that Moves Writers Forward: How to Escape Correcting Mode to Transform Student Writing (Corwin 2017), is a favorite of many teachers of writing.

    Dawn Durham

    Dr. Dawn Durham is an educational consultant with the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN). She holds a Master of Education degree in Teaching and Curriculum in addition to certifications in elementary education, reading specialist, and Teaching English as a Second Language. Dawn has held a variety of positions in the school setting during her 20+ years in the field as a classroom teacher, interventionist, instructional coach, and now educational consultant. Dawn is dedicated to bringing the science of instruction and evidence-aligned practices to the field of education through her work as a national LETRS trainer with Lexia Learning and as an adjunct professor at Gwynedd Mercy University.


Grad Credits

  • Immaculata University
    This program is offered in collaboration with Immaculata University and a graduate-level course worth three credits will be available for an additional fee. The details of the course are available below for consideration. 

    • Three (3) Graduate credits are available through Immaculata University.
    • The graduate course is applicable to an MA program. (reading specialist or other)
    • Graduate credit fee - an additional $710/credit payable to Immaculata.
    • A graduate credit meeting at 3 p.m. on June 21, 2022, at the end of the conference, is mandatory.


    EDL 644 –Language Arts Methods
    Summer 2022: 3 credits
    Instructor: Kelly Doyle, Ed.D.
    Course Meeting Days: Thursdays: June 23, 2022 –August 4, 2022
    Course Meeting Times: Online: asynchronous online
    Instructional Hours: 42

    Graduate Credit Syllabus & Application

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  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022
  • 9 AM to 3 PM
  • Fee: $50
  • Location: The Great Hall