• Service Schedule

    2019-20 Schedule

    Daily Service

     Program  Location
     All school district administrative offices
     CCIU Learning Center (Steps, Options)  Coatesville
     Child & Career Development Center (Discover, TEACH, CARE)  Coatesville
     CHANGES West Chester
     Downingtown Post Office  Downingtown
     Gordon Early Literacy Center  Coatesville
     Milltown Center (CHAAMP, TWP, PAES)  Downingtown
     Operations  Coatesville
     PNC Bank  Coatesville
     SKL - REACH, GATEWAY Middle School  Coatesville
     TCHS-Brandywine (AIM, CCRES, Head Start, PSE, Gateway North, TWP)
     TCHS-Pickering-BVA Tech Center (Head Start) PSE TEACH
     TCHS-Pennock's Bridge (Gateway South)
     West Grove

    Scheduled Service

     ARC of Chester County (First Step)  West Chester  Tuesday & Thursday
     Austill's Rehab.  Exton  Tuesday & Thursday
     Care Center Foundations (Head Start)  West Chester  Monday-Friday
     Early Childhood Education Center (Family Literacy Program, PSE)  Kennett Square  Monday-Thursday
     Early Childhood Education Center (PSE)  West Chester  Monday-Thursday
     Ridgewood PSE  Downingtown  Monday-Thursday
     Home & Community Services (Del Mont office)  
     PVA Philadelphia Locations  Philadelphia  Friday

    On-Demand Services

     Program  Location
     ACHIEVE Adult Services Program  Downingtown
     All district school buildings
     Throughout county  
     All non-public schools with an IU contract
     Throughout county
     APT Academy   West Chester
     Chester County Library
     Chester County Youth Center  West Chester
     Infant/Toddler  Coatesville
     Migrant  Jennersville
     Transitional Living Program (TLP North)  Downingtown
     Transitional Living Program (TLP South)  West Chester
     21st Century Cyber School  Downingtown
     West Chester University (Aspire Program)  West Chester
     Home & Community Services  Lancaster


    The deadline for on-demand service is 2:00 p.m. the day before to be scheduled for next-day service:

    • At ESC, items must be in the red bins in the courier area by 2:00 p.m. for priority or standard service.
    • At other locations, the request for pickup must be made through the website by 2:00 p.m. for priority or standard service.

    The deadline for using the blue bins at ESC for regularly scheduled service is 7:00 a.m. for same-day service.

    To Get Service

    Daily and Scheduled Service

    Daily and scheduled service will be available through the use of the blue bins at ESC and the designated drop-off points in other locations. (The blue bins at ESC are located in the courier area on the first floor in front of the mail room.)

    On-Demand Service

    The next business day’s route will be scheduled at 2:00 p.m. the prior business day.

    At ESC, there will be two red bins in the courier area on the first floor:

    • The bin marked “priority” will be for next-business-day delivery.
    • The bin marked “standard” will be for delivery within 72 business hours.
    • In using the “standard” bin, please include the appropriate allocation code number on the envelope, as we may take your item to the post office either that afternoon or early the next morning. If you do not want an item put in the mail, please mark it with the “hand-deliver only” sticker available in the courier area.

    Please remember that we visit every school district office once a day. When you send mail to district school buildings, you can put it in the school district’s blue bin and it will be delivered within two days.

    For items being sent from ESC that do not fit into the bins, please leave them on the floor in front of the blue bins, as usual. Please place a“priority” sticker available in the courier area on the box or item if you require next-business-day delivery.

    At locations other than ESC, please notify us through our website that you have something to be picked up.