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  • The Chester County Intermediate Unit formed a data governance team in May 2021. The team consists of four members who have over 35 years of combined experience in PIMS, Child Accounting, and State/Federal compliance reporting. With experience in a variety of student information systems (SIS) and devotion to working in the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS), our team has the expertise and insight to assist your LEA in optimizing efficiencies and useable output. From initial system orientation to customized consulting, CCIU works to help you achieve your data governance goals.

  • Stacey McCreary, Manager of Data Governance
  • 484-502-5805
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  • CCIU offers a variety of PIMS services, including:

    • Orientation (no cost)
    • General FAQ Support
    • Comprehensive PIMS reporting
      • Creation of a data governance team to assist with PIMS data collections
      • Uploading data to PIMS
      • Resolving collection-specific errors
      • Verifying submission data through PIMSReportsV2
    • Audit Preparation
      • December 1 Child Count
      • Child Accounting
      • Grad/Cohort


    Download our Data Services Flyer for more information! 

Professional Learning

  • PIMS Fundamentals Courses

    CCIU offers 2-day courses to assist new PIMS and Child Accounting administrators with learning the basics on a variety of topics including: 

    • Child Accounting
    • PIMS

     Download our PIMS Fundamentals course flyer for more information!

    Additional professional learning opportunities are offered throughout the year and can be found in the CCIU Courses and Workshops catalog (search #PIMS). Training services can also be developed and customized to your LEA's specific needs. 

    Data Governance Consortium 2023-24

    CCIU can assist PIMS Administrators with professional development, submission-specific support, and monthly coaching through our CCIU Data Governance Consortium. In addition, the consortium has multiple participation levels with supports designed to assist inexperienced and experienced PIMS Administrators alike. Our Data Engineers aspire to aid every LEA in Pennsylvania to ensure quality, accurate data, assure just representation on the Future Ready Index measure, and know they are receiving the appropriate allocation of state/federal subsidies.

    Download our Data Governance Consortium flyer for more information! 


  • The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) is a bi-annual survey of public schools required by the Office of Civil Rights. The CRDC collects data from all public schools on leading civil rights indicators related to access and barriers to educational opportunities.
    CCIU has developed a thorough and accurate process using PIMS data, your Student Information System (SIS) and a few targeted discussions to prepare your LEA’s CRDC submission. For a flat fee, CCIU will assist your LEA with this responsibility and save your staff valuable time.

Child Accounting

  • Our team provides consultative services with LEAs that are designed to facilitate the submission of child accounting data through PIMS. Sample services include:

    • Training new district child accounting staff
    • Training registrars on proper registration protocols
    • Reporting child accounting data to PIMS
      • Collection-specific error resolution
      • Verifying submission data through PIMSReportsV2

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