School Support Services

  • CCIU proudly offers video and media services for a wide variety of needs for local and regional educational institutions, small governments, and non-profit organizations. Whatever your needs may be, our goal is to partner with you and deliver the highest quality product. 

CCIU Video Production Process

  • While the production process will vary based on each project’s unique needs, this four-step guide below will give you an overview of what to expect during each stage. These steps typically require six weeks to complete; however, the time frame can be adjusted. 

  • Kristina Young, Manager of Technical Projects
  • 484-237-5229
  • Submit a Video Project Request
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Step One: Planning

  • The process will begin with the submission of the online video project request form. The form will help us to create the agenda for our first meeting and to establish your vision for the project. We do require at least two meetings to establish project needs and complete necessary fact finding with the designated point person. 

    • Submit an online request form 

    • Schedule and hold planning meeting(s) with project point person 

    • Create project timeline and schedule 

    • Discuss project goals, purpose and budget to establish a contract 

    • Determine project audience and tone 

    • Discuss filming location(s) and shoot preferences 

    • Decide on interviews and/or characters (if needed), as well as necessary photo releases 

    • Create and finalize storyboarding and/or scripting 

    • Review feedback and revisions, we will also review who and how many individuals will be involved in revisions 

    • Discuss video format as well as needs for transcription 

    • Determine after effects (if needed) 

Step Two: Production

  • Following our meetings, we will schedule filming locations, any voice overs and/or interviews as well as capture all video footage. 

    • Set up filming location(s) 

    • Capture all video footage 

    • Conduct any narration and/or voiceover 

    • Film B-roll 

    • Acquire any requested project visuals, these are shots that you have specifically requested to include within the overall video

Step Three: Post-Production

  • In post-production, the raw footage captured will be edited to create your vision. The project point person will receive three cuts or revisions: a rough cut, a fine cut, and a final cut for review. The point person then provides our team with feedback within the agreed upon project timeline. 

    • Make edits  

    • Include requested music, narration and/or voiceover (if any) 

Step Four: Delivery

  • Once the video is final, we will prepare it in your desired format and supply hard copies. We will store your video for a minimum of two years on our servers. We will reach out to the last known contact for the project prior to removing the video from our storage, and should you need us to provide longer storage, we will discuss options and costs.   

    • Export and provide final video in requested format 

    • Supply hard copies

    • Keep video in CCIU digital storage for minimum of two years