• Below please find links to instructional resources for educators.

    Children's Literature Online: An online database of children's literature rated and reviewed by teachers.

    Education Consultants: Through direct observation of children and on-site interaction with teachers, CCIU education consultants assess and address critical instructional issues. The goal of the education consultant program is to enhance a school's ability to provide services and programs for all students including those with disabilities.

    Professional Learning Services: The CCIU offers a variety of professional learning services such as conferences and workshops, certification and endorsement programs as well as ACT 45 opportunities.

    Teacher Center Services: The Teacher Center is a full-service facility that provides teachers with the opportunity, materials and equipment to make instructional materials for their classrooms.

    TransACT Translation Services
    TransACT is the premier provider of multi-lingual parent notification documents to school districts nationwide.

    Video-On-Demand (United Streaming): Stream or download videos to your computer at a moment's notice through CCIU's Video-on-Demand service.