School Support Services

  • Access to reliable network services is a vital part of any organization's infrastructure. CCIU employs experienced network infrastructure architects that are dedicated to maintaining and designing complex networks for schools, government agencies, and non-profits. 

Chesconet logo
  • Chesconet is a diversified non-profit organization that provides fiber optic wide area network connectivity, including Internet access, to more than fifty regional schools, libraries, government entities, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Members have the added benefit of quarterly Chesconet users-group meetings to learn about anticipated network improvements and maintenance. 

    For more information:

    Jessica Sahl | | 484-401-8026

Rubrik Logo
  • Chesconet members have the opportunity to purchase CCIU's Managed Immutable Backup Service which includes Rubrik, a leading ransomware and disaster recovery system that is protected through the hardened Chesconet network. Chesconet members who subscribe to this data protection service have the added benefit of additional discounted pricing and quarterly Rubrik users group meetings to share experiences and learn about anticipated developments. 

    For more information: 

    Bryan Ruzenski | | 484-237-5026