• Costs and Membership

    Usage Fees

    There is no charge to full-time Chester County public school teachers for visiting the Teacher Center; however, there are daily limits for certain materials. Please see the table in the section titled "Daily Limits" for information in regard to daily limits. There is a $25.00 materials fee per day per teacher for non-public school teachers and for non-Chester County public school teachers. The materials fee includes materials used within the quantities of the daily limits. Please see the Daily Limits chart at the bottom of this page.

    Gift certificates and non-member passbooks

    Non-Member Passbook The Teacher Center offers a Non-Member Passbook for the reduced price of $100. By purchasing the passbook, you will receive 5 entrance coupons (regularly priced at $25 each) to be used at the Teacher Center. This will be a savings of $5 per visit, or the equivalent of one FREE visit. Please see a Teacher Center Assistant for details and to purchase your passbook.

    Group Visitations

    Arrange to have your school's next in-service day at the CCIU Teacher Center. For more information, please call the Teacher Center at 484-237-5018 or email us.

    Daily Limits
    For members of the Teacher Center, all items used under the daily limits posted below are free. Non-Members who pay the daily fee of $25.00 also have free use of the items posted below if quantities used remain under the daily limits.  Some items are only available for sale. See items marked For Sale Only.

    If you have any questions, contact the Teacher Center at 610-384-4298 or teachercenter@cciu.org

    Item Daily Limit Additional
    Color Printer Pages 15 Pages $0.28/page
    Construction Paper 20 Sheets .10/sheet
    Library Pockets 25 Pockets .05/pocket
    Buttons 3 Buttons .25/Button
    Transparencies 3 Sheets 0.15/piece
    Binding Rings 30 Bindings 0.05/piece
    Paper Bags 4 Bags .20/bag
    Metal Rings - All Sizes 5 Rings .15/Ring
    Craft Paper 6 Feet .10/foot
    Folder-File 6 Folders .20/folder
    Folder-Pocket 6 Folders .35/folder
    Poster board 6 Pieces .45/sheet
    Envelope-10x13 6/per size 0.10/piece
    Envelope-6x9 6/per size 0.10/piece
    Envelope-Letter 6/per size 0.05/piece
    Index Cards 30 Cards 0.05/piece
    CD-Writable Blank Sale Only 2.00/CD
    DVD-Writable Blank Sale Only 4.00/DVD
    Label-CD Printable Sale Only .30/sheet
    Velcro Dots Sale Only .20/dot
    Membership Information

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Teacher Center.  Please note that all full-time Chester County Public School teachers are automatically members of the Teacher Center.  If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact the Teacher Center.

    Annual Fee:  The membership contract for the Teacher Center is an annual contract that begins July 1 and ends June 30.  The Teacher Center contract entitles your school teachers to unlimited use of the Teacher Center (Some Daily Limits Apply.).  Teachers will need to bring in school identification every time they visit the Teacher Center. 

    Non-Membership Fee:  If you are interested in utilizing the Teacher Center minimally, you may want to pay the single day fee per visit which is $25.00 per teacher per day. There are also 5-Day booklets available for the price of $100.00.  The 5-Day booklet will allow your teacher to visit the Teacher Center on five separate occasions for the price of four visits.
    Questions?  Contact the Teacher Center Staff at:
    Phone: 610-384-4298    Email: teachercenter@cciu.org    Website: http://TeacherCenter.cciu.org