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    • Virtual Office – Finding something in your lessons challenging? Jump into the virtual office anytime between 7:30AM and 8PM, Monday thru Thursday, and 8AM to 3PM on Friday to reach a BVA teacher who can help you!
    • Teaching Support Assistant – Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to your teaching support assistant (TA)!
    • Virtual Lessons – Need a little further explanation of your online lesson? Jump into a live lesson based on the posted schedule in Moodle or access a recorded session. Either way, a BVA teacher can help expand on the content covered within your online course.
    • Frequent enrichment webinars for students on such topics as pacing, motivation, effective email communication, technology tips, and more!
    • Synchronous Study Program (SSP) – For those students who may need additional 1:1 guidance, you may be eligible for SSP to help you get back on track.

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