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  • Best Practices for Assessment and Intervention

    Facilitated by Raul F. Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP

    In an increasingly globalized world, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) face unique challenges when working with multilingual populations. This comprehensive seminar explores strategies and techniques tailored for monolingual SLPs to effectively assess and intervene with bilingual children, particularly those speaking English and Spanish. The presentation emphasizes evidence-based practices, cultural competence, and collaboration with bilingual professionals to ensure equitable access to quality care for all multilingual children with speech disorders. Topics covered include culturally appropriate assessment modifications, phonological remediation target selection in bilingual contexts, and practical intervention strategies for enhancing communication skills in diverse populations.

    By synthesizing the best practices for both assessment and intervention, this seminar equips SLPs with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of multilingual speech therapy and promote positive outcomes for their diverse caseloads.

    CEUs and Act 48 Hours: .6 ASHA CEUs Intermediate Level, 6 Act 48 hours


  • Raul Prezas, PhD, CCC-SLP (he/him/his) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at Lamar University in Texas. He has 15+ years of clinical experience in the university, public school, and home health settings, particularly working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations. His interests include speech disorders, phonological development, bilingual/multilingual assessment and treatment, working with children with highly unintelligible speech, and working with underrepresented students.

    In addition to publications in journals, including the American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, he has written several book chapters and articles related to his interest areas. He previously has served on the International Expert Panel on Multilingual Children’s Speech, which included efforts to establish international screening tools and guidelines for speech sound assessment and treatment in various populations. Dr. Prezas also is a past member of ASHA’s Continuing Education Board and ASHA’s Committee on Leadership Cultivation. He currently serves as a mentor for ASHA’s S.T.E.P. Program, is a member of the 2006 ASHA MSLP Class, and has served as a member and topic chair for ASHA’s Speech Sound Disorders Program Committee for the Convention.