• The Chester County Intermediate Unit's Teacher Center is a self-service resource facility that allows teachers the opportunity to enhance their educational toolbox.  Teachers can create instructional materials, learn & experiment with new technologies, borrow books & technological resources, and collaborate with others to learn innovative practices.
    To maintain an optimal environment for learning and innovative creation, please adhere to the following policies and procedures while at the Teacher Center.  
    1. The Teacher Center is a membership-based facility.  All Chester County Public School teachers are members.  Long-Term Substitutes for Chester County Public Schools may contact the Teacher Center in regard to possible usage.   
    2. Non-Public Schools, pre-schools, and schools from other districts may become annual members for a fee. (Contracts are valid: July 1 - June 30).  For details, please contact us: phone: 610-384-4298 or email: teachercenter@cciu.org.
    3. Members may use the Teacher Center for free; however, daily limits apply for certain materials.  See the Daily Limits page for details.
    4. The Teacher Center is available for member teachers.  Children and helpers are not permitted.  Teacher helpers may use the Teacher Center for a daily fee of $25.00. Questions?  Ask a Teacher Center Assistant or email: teachercenter@cciu.org.  
    5. Teachers must sign in at each visit.  A valid school identification card must be shown during sign-in.  
    6. Teachers are expected to leave their work areas clean.  Paint supplies should be cleaned well and put away.  Unused paper should be placed on the proper shelf.  Scraps should be put in the proper bin.  Ellisons should be returned to their proper location.  Transparencies should be replaced in their respective files.  Caps should be placed tightly on all pens, markers, glue sticks, etc.  Be respectful and help keep the Teacher Center clean.
    7. If you find something broken or not working properly, please notify a Teacher Center Assistant.
    8. Clean-up should begin 15 minutes before closing.
    1. There is no charge to Chester County Public School teachers and other members for their visit to the Teacher Center. Teachers from other counties or states are welcome as well, but there is a $25 fee per day per person.
    2. Helpers/volunteers/student teachers from member schools may work in the Teacher Center if arrangements are made in advance.  The principal from the member school must supply a letter or email to confirm a date and time the non-teachers would like to use the center.  Otherwise helpers/volunteers/student teachers will be charged a $25 fee.
    1. Last call for lamination is 15 minutes before closing.
    2. Laminated paper and poster board cannot be used in the Ellison Machines.
    3. All materials created in the center can be laminated free of charge.  Only those items labeled or designed for instructional purposes will be laminated.  All other materials brought from the classroom or home can be laminated for a nominal fee.
    1. Only school related materials may be made in the Teacher Center.
    2. All materials must be used in the Teacher Center.  Supplies may not be taken out of the Teacher Center.  Unused or blank pieces of paper, poster board, or envelopes/pockets cannot be taken home for future use.  Questions?  Ask a Teacher Center Assistant.   
    3. We have daily limits on some supplies.  Please see the Daily Limits page for details.

    Questions?  Feel free to contact the Teacher Center at:
    Phone: 610-384-4298 or Email: teachercenter@cciu.org