• Our Program
     Our Mission

    The CCIU Childcare program is designed with a balance between free play and structured activities, as well as small and large group activities. Our staff is experienced and has professional training in Early Childhood Education and ongoing Professional Development activities. Our classroom equipment is carefully selected to meet the developmental and learning needs of the children it serves.

    Our educational curriculum covers a wide range of areas including gross and fine motor skills, language development and reading and math readiness (Read more about our curriculum here). Creative expression is fostered through music, movement and art. Outdoor play, a quiet afternoon rest time and a nutritious afternoon snack are included in our daily program.

    Keeping You Connected
    We provide many opportunities for parents to connect with the center:

    •    Back to School Night
    •    Newsletters (both emailed and sent home with your child)
    •    Getting to Know You Meetings
    •    Holiday Programs and Special Guests
    •    Fundraisers
    Watch Me Grow
    Watch Me Grow - How It Works
    Most notably, our parents stay connected with our state-of-the-art Watch Me Grow® streaming video! This encrypted, tightly-controlled video stream allows parents (and grandparents!) to watch their children grow, right before their eyes! Accessible from your mobile device, this will connect busy parents with their children's activities and schedule. This transparent communication technique adds a new level of confidence that your child is being cared for and tended to as they should be, all day.