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    Each year, over 4,000 of Pennsylvania’s children survive traumatic brain injuries significant enough to require hospitalization. Many of these children are left with life-altering difficulties in physical, cognitive or behavioral functioning.

    The Chester County BrainSTEPS Consulting Team was trained by the Brain Injury Association of Pennsylvania, through grants from the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Education. The team members have formed into a Child and Adolescent Brain Injury School Re-Entry Program called “BrainSTEPS”.

    BrainSTEPS is working to make sure that those who provide educational support to children with brain injury have a good understanding that will help these students achieve optimal educational success.

    BrainSTEPS is a “Brain Injury School Re-Entry” model that covers the state of Pennsylvania. BrainSTEPS Consulting Teams are comprised of professionals from varying disciplines who have received extensive training on educating students with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Team members will act as consultants for Chester County students ages 3-21 and are available to provide training and resources to colleagues and families. 
    Current News:

    ImPACT's Test is computerized and takes about 25 minutes to complete. ImPACT recommends that it be administered by an ImPACT trained athletic trainer, school nurse, athletic director, team doctor or psychologist. Baseline tests are suggested every two years. If a concussion is suspected, the baseline report will serve as a comparison to a repeat ImPACT test, which professionals can use to assess potential changes or damage caused by a concussion.

     For information on how to schedule for ImPACT testing for your team or child, please contact us at brainsteps@cciu.org
    To initiate consultative services, contact BrainSTEPS:
    Chester County BrainSTEPS
    Chester County Intermediate Unit
    455 Boot Road
    Downingtown, PA 19335
    484-237-5354   or  Email
    Or register at www.brainsteps.net
    In order to start the referral process, we need the Permission for Consultation signed and returned.
    To request a training, please complete the Training Request BrainSTEPS form.
    Trainings and information:
    American Academy of Pediatrics, PA Medical Home Initiative, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Webinar Series 
    1 hour
    Vision Issues that Impact Academics & School Day Function
    Nathan Steinhafel, M.S., O.D., F.A.A.O. Pediatric & Adult Vision Care
    Vestibular/Balance Issues that Impact Academics & School Day Function
    Lenore Herget, PT, DPT, MEd, Massachusetts General Hospital
    Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries and Epilepsy: What Schools Need to Know
    Brenda Eagan Brown and the Epilepsy Foundation of PA
    Children and Youth with TBI: Identifying Students with TBI and Reintegration Into School After Injury
    Brenda Eagan Brown et al.,   TBI HRSA Webinar about Students
    1.5 hours
    Medical Assessment & Management from Acute to Sub Acute Stages
    Gerard Gioia, PhD, Children’s National Medical Center
    Educational Impacts, Return to School Progression, & Symptom Based Accommodations to Promote Recovery
    Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS, BrainSTEPS
    Legal Dimensions for Schools
    Perry Zirkel, PhD, JD, LLM, Lehigh University
    Supporting Emotional & Mental Health of Students with Protracted Recovery
    David Brent, MD, STAR Child & Adolescent Anxiety Clinic
    2.5 hours
    Paraprofessional & Teacher Training on TBI
    Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS
    Half Day
    Pennsylvania's Brain STEPS Program: Educational Implications of Concussions and Moderate and Severe Brain Injuries That Students in Your Schools and Preschools are Experiencing

    Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS, PA Dept of Ed conference, Feb. 2009
    Intervention for Adolescents with Acquired Brain Injury
    Dr. Lynn Turkstra
    Full Day
    Working with Families When a Child Has an Acquired Brain Injury
    Dr. Roberta DePompei
    The Development of Self-Regulation in Students with Acquired Brain Injury
    Dr. Timothy Feeney, PhD
    A Legal Primer on Students with Traumatic and Other Acquired Brain Injury
    Dr. Perry Zirkel
    BrainSTEPS - Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: Ages 0-5
    Dr. Stephen Hooper
    IEPs and Effective Program Planning for Students With Traumatic Brain Injury
    Dr. Patricia Sublette, PhD and Dr. Deborah Ettel, PhD
    Strategies for Executive Skills Development in Students with Traumatic Brain Injury
    Dr. Peg Dawson and Dr. Richard Guare
    Federal Department of Education & Brain Injury Association of America Webinar on TBI in Students for Parent Training Centers
    Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS
    BrainSTEPS Presents: Concussions in the Classroom - Return to Learning
    Brenda Eagan Brown, MEd, CBIS

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