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    Public Relations (PR) Toolkit!
    The purpose of this toolkit is to provide examples of commonly-used communications and public relations tools in the world of education. As our district partner, we invite you to utilize the tools, as well as to provide us with feedback for improvements and/or to suggest other tools that you would like to have available as a part of this kit.

    Please contact Tonia Farnum by email with any questions or comments.

    AP Style Cheat Sheet
    Can I abbreviate that? Should this be capitalized? No matter how good a writer you are, there will always be times when you need to look up a rule - if only to say "I told you so." Remember, you don't have to know all the answers, but you should know where to find them. Download this document for a quick cheat sheet based on the Associated Press Stylebook and the Associated Press Guide to Punctuation.
    AP Style Cheat Sheet (PDF - 671 KB)

    Media Alert

    Hosting an event for which you would like to invite the media? Download this document to view an editable template of the essential information you should provide to convey the purpose and importance of your event to the media, as well as to give them an idea of what they can expect should they attend your event.
    Media Alert (PDF - 40 KB)


    Media Relations Tips
    What's the secret to obtaining free advertising? Gaining favorable publicity through media relations. However, a terrific press release alone won't guarantee coverage. Download this document for six tips that will teach you the science of media relations. Only with practice can you master the art!
    Media Relations Tips (PDF - 350 KB)

    Photo-Video Release Form
    Photos and videos from student events or activities, and quotes from students who took part in them, can provide a sense of how great the events were. However, some parents/guardians would prefer that their students' names and image not appear in news articles or on the Internet. Download this editable document to help you draft a photo/video/press release form.
    Photo-Video Release Form (PDF - 29 KB)

    Interested in keeping your audience awake during your presentation? Download this document to view an editable template of a PowerPoint presentation that will help you logically arrange key points to not only keep your audience interested, but also to ensure that participants leave with the information you were hoping to convey!
    Presentation Template (PDF - 686 KB)


    Six Steps to Successful Communication
    If a mediocre press release is published in the over-saturated media landscape and no one is interested in reading it, does it make a sound? Successful communication not only delivers a message to the audience, but also causes the audience to take the action the writer intends. Download this document to learn the six steps to effective communication.

    Sponsorship Letter
    Have a great sponsorship opportunity that any company should be thrilled to put their name on? Of course you do! Download this document to view an editable template of a sponsorship letter that you can send to a partner company to logically and attractively arrange the key details of that special event or publication.
    Sponsorship Letter (PDF - 26 KB)

    Typesetting Tips
    Your presentation is just as key as your messaging. Download this document to learn how to ensure your typesetting is both clean and elegant.
    Typesetting Tips (PDF - 317 KB)