•  Student Transportation
    Student driving, riding and parking at TCHS Brandywine is a privilege and is permissible only when approved by the sending School, TCHS Brandywine, and parents. The cost of a parking tag is $20.00. The parking sticker is to be visibly displayed on the driver’s side windshield or rear window. Under no circumstances are parking tags transferable from student to student.

    Student driver’s are not permitted to have passengers without express written consent by both students’ guardians and the sending school. There is a maximum of three (3) riding passes issued for each driver. All vehicles must have a current state safety inspection sticker. Riding and driving passes must be renewed annually. Periodic seatbelt checks will be held. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action and or revocation of driving/riding privileges.

    The permission requires the submission of an application and listing of riders on the student driver’s card and parking tag. Only the following individuals may be issued permits to drive:

    1. Allied Health and Teacher Academy students
    2. Cooperative Education students
    3. Students with special circumstances

    Campus parking is a privilege and not a right. It is understood that when students drive their vehicles on school property, they agree to abide by campus rules and authorize school officials to search their vehicles when reasonable suspicion exists.

    The speed limit on school property is ten miles per hour. Students must follow all “one way” signs in the parking lot. All students must park in the upper (green flags) parking lot. Students are not permitted to loiter in the parking lot. All student drivers and riders must enter the school through the front doors (entrance D). All parking on school property is at the risk of the owner/operator. The school assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss of property. All cars must be locked at all times. Unauthorized or illegally parked vehicles are subject to towing and/or booting at the owner’s expense.

    All student drivers must park on school property. Students who illegally drive to school and park off of school property are in violation of this policy and subject to disciplinary action.

    Students may not go to their vehicles during the day without a valid written pass.
    Violators of any provision of the driving/riding policy are subject to having the “boot”, a wheel immobilization device, placed on their vehicle.

    All riders must have an approved pass for the vehicle they are traveling in. No student is permitted to ride with a driver without express written permission from their parent/guardian and sending school.

    Parking Permit applications and Riding Permit applications can be obtained at the front office.

    Temporary Driving Permit Policy - If a student needs to drive to TCHS Brandywine for a special reason (i.e. bringing vehicle in to be serviced, etc.), the student must request permission from TCHS administration and have expressed written permission. If the application is approved, a temporary parking pass will be issued at that time. Permits are to be displayed so that it is easily viewable from the front of the vehicle by staff checking the parking lot.

    Student Parking Enforcement - Parking lots are patrolled on a regular basis. Students owning vehicles that are not registered, or that do not have their parking pass clearly visible from the front of the vehicle, but are still parked on school property will face the following disciplinary actions:

       a. First Offense – Warning issued, vehicle information documented and reported to
          administration. Parent/guardian notified.

       b. Second Offense – Vehicle information documented and reported to administration.
          Behavior modification assigned and parent/guardian notified.

       c. Third Offense – Vehicle information documented and reported to administration. Out of school suspension assigned.

    Revocation of Driving Privileges - Loss of driving/riding privileges for the remainder of the year may result any time students violate, abuse or attempt to circumvent the driving policy. Repeated or serious violations of this policy will result in additional days of suspension and revocation of all student driving/riding privileges.

    Sending schools are responsible to provide transportation to and from TCHS Brandywine. Students are responsible for checking with their sending school concerning all transportation arrangements. Please cooperate with the bus driver and conduct yourself in an orderly manner at all times. It is very important that students go to their buses immediately after dismissal. There is no scheduled emergency transportation back to their home school for those students who miss the bus. Students who miss the bus for any reason must report directly to the office and call
    their parents to arrange for their own transportation. Students who miss their bus TCHS Brandywine must report to their home school main office to arrange for alternate transportation to TCHS Brandywine.

    Students must take their assigned bus to and from school unless permission is granted by TCHS administration and the parent/guardian.