Courses and Workshops

Join our professional learning team

  • The CCIU strives to develop and offer new and exciting programs that meet the needs of our learning community. Our models include: face-to-face, online and hybrid courses.
    We are seeking highly qualified and diverse instructors willing to serve as adjunct instructors teaching already approved courses as well as those willing to write and deliver their own courses. 


  • Currently hold a graduate degree in field of coursework or demonstrated competencies.


  • Review course proposal guidelines:

    • The course is related to achievement of the Pennsylvania academic standards.
    • The course has been developed as a collegiate-level course. 
    • The course is standards-based.
    • The course contains pertinent readings of recent research papers, articles, publications and/or textbooks relevant to course content and objectives.
    • The course adds to the overall competency of participants and addresses the needs identified in the proposal.
    • The course is designed to expand the professional educator’s skills and/or knowledge base.
    • The instructor possesses a graduate degree or demonstrated competencies.
    • The course requires participants to demonstrate attainment of the stated course competencies.
    • The course has been developed as a post-baccalaureate course.
    • The course builds on existing skills and knowledge of the participant through demonstrated prerequisites for enrollment.
    • The course requires the writing of a paper, an individual action plan and/or other appropriate project having direct application to the professional educator’s area of assignment. This assessment project may be used to document the educator’s attainment of the course competencies. 



  • Submit your proposal and faculty data sheet to Diane Thomson at