Our Organization

  • Vision Statement Educational leadership for a better Chester County and beyond.

  • Mission Statement The Chester County Intermediate Unit is a dynamic educational service agency providing quality, innovative and cost-effective programs and services to enhance the lives of students, educators and members of our communities.

  • Our Beliefs In support of the mission, the Intermediate Unit holds the following beliefs:

    Customer Service
    We do everything with the goal of exceeding our customers' expectations.

    We work collaboratively with our partners.

    We accept a leadership role in serving the needs of our communities.

    We promote change to meet evolving needs and foster innovation.

    We serve as a liaison for our member districts at the county, state and national levels.

    Professional Commitment
    We maintain the highest standards of conduct.

    Organizational Culture
    We provide an environment that fosters teamwork, creativity, professional growth, high morale, opportunity and pride in all we do.

Our Goals

  • 2020-21 CCIU Organizational Goals

    Each July, the CCIU Board of Directors sets goals for the organization for the upcoming year. The purpose of establishing goals is to move the CCIU forward and to provide staff with focus as we work together to provide a unified, seamless system of education in Chester County. Listed below are the approved goals for the 2020-21 school year:

    Goals 1-4 | Implement the Approved Strategic Plan

    These are cross-divisional goals, with the executive director and all divisions involved.

Goal One

  • 1 | Define CCIU's Educational Role 

    • Connect school districts, parents and students to business opportunities and post-secondary education partners.
    • Develop and fast-track introduction of an adult education program to create new revenue streams while maximizing the utilization of existing staff and physical resources.
    • Partner with Higher Education to provide a Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility for aspiring leaders.
    • Promote, educate and train district and IU in assistive technologies available for students.

Goal Two

  • 2 | Ensure CCIU's Financial Viability 

    • Continue to budget within or below the Act 1 Index.
      • Manage 2020-21 Budget with the greatly limited increases as approved by the Board of Directors.
      • Prepare 2021-22 CCIU budgets and limit any increases to tuition rates and prices within or below the "Act 1 Index."
      • Evaluate enrollment and programming to determine future offerings in order to meet the needs of students, families, schools and the community.
      • Each division will conduct program reviews with a focus on staff efficiencies and cost control.
      • Each division will create a minimum of two (2) new revenue sources or enhance existing programs to combat revenue loss due to COVID-19.

Goal Three

  • 3 | Communicate CCIU's Mission

    • Implement Communication Plan across all stakeholder groups in order to continue growth of two-way communication channels, improve use of data-based marketing/communication, increase top-of-mind consideration of CCIU expertise and increase legislative leadership.
    • Create Brand Ambassador Program to increase awareness of CCIU programs by using promotional strategies that will strengthen the customer-product-service relationship and influence parents, students and school districts to utilize CCIU services.

Goal Four

  • 4 | Foster CCIU's Culture and Brand

    • Develop informational programs to engage staff in career advancement opportunities to encourage professional growth and employee retention.
    • Utilize survey data to strengthen and expand wellness initiatives, and empower employees to utilize human resources assistive services.
    • Engage a cross-section of staff members to develop recommendations for cost efficiencies, increased revenues and expense mitigation.

Goal Five

  • 5 | COVID-19 Recovery and Reopening

    • Assist school districts with reopening Chester County schools post COVID-19 shutdown and plan for potential closures in the 2020-21 school year.
      • Continue to disseminate relevant information from multiple sources and convene district and school leaders to guide decision-making related to the health and safety of students and staff members as well as the delivery of educational services.
      • Participation and leadership within Chester County and the Commonwealth to assist in the management, planning, recovery and reopening.
    • Modify schedules and complete construction and renovation projects to support expansion of Brandywine Virtual Academy, TCHS Brandywine programs, TCHS Pickering Vet Science program, Horticulture program and Child & Career Development Center based programs.

Goal Six

  • 6 | Equity

    • Evaluate current culture, conditions, policies, procedures and processes to ensure equity for marginalized and minority groups.
    • Assess equitable strategic priorities in the CCIU Strategic Plan.
    • Develop and implement practices to ensure that the CCIU culture, conditions, policies, procedures and processes result in equity for marginalized and minority groups.