External Technology Services

  • Daniel Berger
    Director of External Technology Services

  • External Technology Services can help your institution whether you are facing challenges managing your resources, maintaining your infrastructure, or planning for the future. Our skilled staff is available to provide support in all levels of educational technology, networking, systems and media services, including help desk, administration, engineering, and troubleshooting. Whether you need consultation, project-based help, or position-based help, External Technology Services can meet your needs.

    Other services availble include:

    CCiTV Live Programming
    Visit the site for live and pre-recorded programming of educational events in Chester County. CCiTV provides live streaming and videoconferencing services. http://ccitv.cciu.org

    Chesconet is a diversified non-profit organization that provides fiber optic wide area network connectivity, including Internet access, to more than fifty regional schools, libraries, government entities, non-profit organizations, and businesses. Chesconet demonstrates the capability of today’s technology to provide affordable and usable high-speed network connectivity to its members.http://www.chesco.net/

    Data Services
    Our Data Services team provides a variety of customized data solutions including phone and on-site support, one-on-one PIMS training, and data process consulting. Contact Sara Vreeland, Data Specialist I at SaraV@cciu.org or 484-237-5395

    Discovery Education Streaming
    Discovery Education is a video-on-demand service that includes 5,000 full-length educational titles divided into 41,000 clips. Teachers can use the full-length videos or targeted clips to enhance their instruction. Many of the videos can be downloaded directly to your computer, while ALL videos can be streamed directly from Discovery Education Streaming. Professional Development videos and training guides are also available through this program. Many of the Chester County Public Schools have a FREE membership to Discovery Education Streaming (formerly known as United Streaming).
    http://www.discoveryeducation.com Contact Melanie Coldiron at:melaniec@cciu.org or 484-237-5018.

    Keystone on Demand
    Visit our online video portal and stay tuned for live events, streaming media, podcasts and more from across the state of Pennsylvania.http://video.paiunet.org/

    PAIUnet is a statewide, high-speed educational network that enables educators and students throughout Pennsylvania to create, communicate, collaborate and share valuable resources to enhance student learning. It increases connectivity between Pennsylvania IUs and school districts providing access to content and resources that will transform the way educational services and information are delivered. PAIUnet connects 28 IUs and their member school districts throughout the Commonwealth. It also connects public library systems and charter schools. This project will have an impact on all areas of IU and school services from the business office to the classroom.www.paiunet.org

    Blackboard Collaborate software solutions offer a social, interactive learning experience with virtual classrooms, online conferencing, instant messaging and more. Contact Diane Thomson, 484-237-5017 Dianet@cciu.orgto find out how CCIU can provide this service to help support your teaching and learning solutions.