These pictures are from a collaboration with TCHS and the Kennett Square Consolidated School District.  New Garden, Bancroft, and Greenwood Elementary School 5th grade classes took a field trip to TCHS. This interactive visit covered many standards; however, it specifically targeted Standard 13.1.5.D (Career Awareness and Preparation-Grade 5).
    This standard states that “Pennsylvania’s public schools shall teach, challenge and support every student to realize his maximum potential and to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to describe the range of career training programs in the community.”
    Students were able to rotate through various TCHS programs and completed hands-on activities alongside current students in each classroom.  Fifth grade students were also able to rotate through a "Career/Demo Fair" where all TCHS programs were represented, and visiting students were encouraged to learn more about their areas of interest. We hope to see many of these faces in the future!