• Transitional Work Program

    Preparing Students for the Workforce


    The Transitional Work Program (TWP) is for students who are post-12th grade through age 21 and are not planning to attend post-secondary training programs or a two- to four-year college.


    Program Features


    • Career and technical education (CTE)
    • Individualized academic support in the CTE program
    • Opportunity to earn certifications
    • Job training and work experience in a related field
    • Real-life community participation


    With a Focus on Industry


    The TWP lays the foundation for future success by combining vocational exploration in a CTE program with key skill development in the following areas:


    • Banking and budgeting
    • Transportation and safety with navigation
    • Career development, such as interview and phone skills
    • Basic meal planning and preparation
    • Time management

     For more information on the Transitional Work Program, please contact Lisa Tzanakis at 484-237-5212.