• The ultimate goal of the Chester County Intermediate Unit Practical Nursing Program is to graduate the most highly prepared students. Program Outcomes and End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes are found below.  

    End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

    As such, upon completion of the PNP, the graduate will: 

    1. 1). Practice as a novice healthcare team member within the framework established by the Nurse Practice            Act of the State of PA.
    2. 2). Develop a spirit of inquiry to promote personal and professional growth.
    3. 3). Utilize the nursing process to provide safe, holistic care to diverse populations in a variety of settings.
    4. 4). Integrate clinical reasoning and evidence-based practice to promote high quality, safe and effective                care.
    5. 5). Demonstrate collaborative communication to advocate for the clients, families and groups.
    6. 6). Apply leadership and management principles to achieve quality and safety outcomes.                                                                                                                                                                             *Revised Dec 2018

                       Program Outcomes 

    1. Pass Rates for program type and location:
      1. TCHSB = 95%
      2. TCHSPB = 93% 
      3. TCHSBPT = 100%
      4. Aggregate Program pass rate: 95%
    2. Completion Rates at 150% of the program:
      1. TCHSB FT: 64%
      2. TCHSB PT:67%
      3. TCHSPB: 72%
      1. Aggregated Completion rate = 66%
      2. Disaggregated by program:
    3. Job Placement Rate = 94%