Whether you engage with current or prospective students or take advantage of job notifications or just simply keep up-to-date on PNP through Facebook, there is a full range of opportunities for you to get involved and stay involved with PNP. Take a look at the opportunities below and please feel free to share new ideas!


    Sharing Success

    Have you landed your first job after graduation or earned the job you’ve been working hard for? Share your success with your colleagues and future PNP graduates through our quick online form!


    Job Notifications

    Are there opportunities for LPNs at your current employer you’d like to share with your fellow PNP graduates? Let us know about them and we can post them on Facebook.


    Are you looking for a new job? Keep an eye on Facebook. Additionally, we’ll keep you notified when we have our on-campus job fairs so that you have the opportunity to network face-to-face with potential employers.


    Student Advising

    As a student or newly employed graduate, you know how important it is to hear and learn from those experienced in the setting. We’re looking for alumni that may be willing to share their insights and knowledge with our current and/or prospective students. This could be as small as providing a short written testimonial or as big as providing student mentorship, we’re willing to work with you on whatever commitment level you may be interested in with no pressure to do more.  

    Alumni Association Committee

    Do you like to connect with fellow colleagues? Do you like to have the opportunity to provide important input into the livelihood of PNP? Do you like to have fun? We are actively looking for volunteers to lead the PNP Alumni Association! What is the alumni association you ask? We see it as a fun interactive group of PNP alum who come together for happy hours and events, alumni panels, service projects and student engagement, but really it can be whatever you make it. That is the power and opportunity of the alumni association committee.