Credit for Prior Learning

  • Students may be able to advocate for and receive college credit for content they already learned while studying in a career or technical program at TCHS. This is negotiated individually with each college with the support of TCHS instructors and guidance counselors, and varies from school to school. The process is as follows:
    1. Student receives a college acceptance letter.

    2. Student contacts the college advisement department to inquire about earning credit for prior learning and makes an appointment. 
      Questions to Ask
      • Should I bring my art portfolio?
      • Should I bring my e-portfolio?
      • Should I bring documentation of certifications I have earned in high school? (These can be obtained from TCHS.)
      • Are there any fees?
    3. Student meets with college advisement department and presents relevant coursework, asking to be awarded credit for courses that align to the content that was studied at TCHS.