Engineering & Industrial Technologies

  • Students who are excited about exploring, creating and designing solutions to everyday problems would be an excellent fit for this program. Students will gain experience and knowledge about electrical systems, mechanical systems and computer systems, which are vital to engineering, manufacturing and automation. This program prepares students to combine engineering principles with hands-on experience to prepare them for both college and related careers.

Career Skill Levels

  • Certifications

    PMMI Mechatronics Certifications

    Fluid Power I

    Industrial Electricity I

    Motor & Motor Controls

    Programmable Logic Controllers (PCC’s) I


    Fanuc Robot Programmer

    General Industry Safety (OSHA)

    International Siemens Mechatronics

  • Workplace Opportunities

    Some notable partners include: Canon Solutions of America, Southco Inc., Pepperidge Farms and more!

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CIP 15.0403

  • The Department of Education provides a CIP Code to approved Programs of Study (POS). Schools and postsecondary institutions use the CIP code to categorize the POS, outline the scope and sequence of educational offerings and develop a POS task list. Review the task list