CCIU Leadership Development Program Project Development
    One of the key elements of the Leadership Development Training is the project-based approach to learning. Participants will each receive a CCIU-based project that they will need to move through the project management lifecycle. By working through the various steps of a project, the participants will experience a number of project-based and people-based challenges that leaders often will encounter and as such will build the necessary knowledge and experience needed to grow personally and as a CCIU employee.
    At this time we are seeking project ideas. While any idea will be considered, we recommend the following guidelines:
    Project should be something that will in the end benefit the CCIU
    Project should allow for at least one of the following stages of completion within a 4-5 month timeframe:

    1. Analysis and design of a formalized plan

    2. Development of project design

    3. Implementation/execution of project design

    Project ideally will require input from more than one division
    Project incorporates some aspect of challenge/risk - Leaders are not developed solely from completion of successful projects, some of  the best leaders have worked through more complicated challenges.

    A number of the CCIU's programs have been developed as a result of employee ideas generated through channels such as these. Some examples include: County Cup, Aspire, Special Education Certification, Sourcing maintenance to districts.

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