CCIU Leadership Development Program Mentorship Header  
    Have you ever used your own experiences to offer perspective or guidance when a colleague asked for advice? That was mentorship! The Leadership Development Training program is looking for mentors like you to share their experiences and knowledge to help build our future leaders. This is an opportunity to make an impact on the lives and careers of other employees — and the future of the CCIU. It's also an opportunity to grow your own skill set and knowledge. Everyone knows you learn more when you teach!
    What's involved?
    • Mentors will be matched up with participants and will develop a schedule with their mentees for check-ins.*
    • All mentors will participate in 2 initial training sessions - one specific to mentors and one in conjunction with the program cohorts - to review the project management process and guidelines for mentoring and leadership.
    • Mentors and cohorts will also meet together as a full group 2 additional times for tabletop discussion on process and results, as well as skill-specific training.