• With over 2.7 million students taking over 4.5 million courses in the 2014-15 school year1 and trending upward, all schools need to be actively reviewing their online offerings. Without it, school districts face the challenge of potentially losing students to cyber charter schools or to private schools offering a broader variety of coursework. Through a partnership with Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA), school districts can overcome this challenge.

    What makes BVA different?

    Quality: BVA serves as an intermediate provider connecting schools with content, tools and services from top national online learning vendors. We meet a school’s needs with an in-house staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers and teacher assistants.

    Technology: BVA provides comprehensive technology management. What does that mean to you? You can offer your students one of the top Pennsylvania online learning services without all of the hassles and cost of a ground-up build.

    Customization:  BVA works with districts in a number of different models – each fully customizable to the unique, local needs of an individual school or district.


    Take a look at some of our current district partnerships.

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    1. Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning 2015