• CCIU Logo Header

    The Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) particular model of brand architecture is known as “monolithic,” or a “branded house,” where the IU’s logo is the primary identifier in all communications. As such, the CCIU logo is one of the most important tools in establishing the intermediate unit’s graphic identity and it is integral to the branding process. It is a symbol that instantly tells the audience this is a product of the CCIU. The consistent and proper use of the CCIU logo not only strengthens recognition but also projects the IU’s established reputation onto all of the many individual divisions, schools and programs that make up our organization.

    There is only one CCIU logo. Divisions and individual programs are not to develop their own logos nor are they to modify the CCIU logo for their programs. The Technical College High School, the Practical Nursing Program and Brandywine Virtual Academy are the only exceptions to this rule due to their position as schools proactively recruiting the general public.

    Logo guidelines provided are to be strictly adhered to. If you have any questions regarding the proper way to utilize these logos, please contact Communications for clarification. Additionally, when applying an approved logo please be cognizant of associated Legal requirements.