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    Logo color

    On all full-color communications, the color PNP logo should be used. When color is not available, the PNP logo is to be reproduced in grayscale or black and white. The logo should not be versioned into any colors other than those indicated below.

    PNP Full Color Logo

    Pantone colors

    PNP Color Palet of maroon grey and light greyDifferent printing systems require different color specifications. When Pantone colors can be specified use Pantone 208 C (burgundy) and Pantone 429 C (gray). When printing two-color documents please substitute Pantone 429 with 20% tint of the pantone. When Pantone colors cannot be specified, use the four-color CMYK process equivalents or the three-color RGB equivalents shown under the Pantone colors to the right. Four-color process equivalents are also called CMYK equivalents, which refer to the four primary colors used in printing: cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). RGB equivalents refer to a system for creating colors on computer monitors using a combination of the colors red, green and blue.


    Web safe colors

    Colors on the Internet are limited to a palette of 256 colors. These colors are created through HTML code (Hex) that uses a series of six numbers and/or letters or a combination of numbers and letters. The nearest matches to PNP’s colors are 861F41 for Pantone 208 C and A2AAAD for Pantone 429.



    Black and white logo Grayscale logo

    If color is not available, a grayscale version of the logo is acceptable for use when reproducing the PNP logo in one color. To ensure sufficient contrast, it is recommended that the grayscale version only is used against a white background.



    PNP White Knockout Logo Reversed logo

    Only when absolutely necessary should the reversed out to white logo be utilized. The PNP brand is strongest when in color and should always be the first option.



    Logo size

    The preferred size for the logo is 1 inch by 1 inch but can be adjusted as needed not to result smaller than 0.5-inch height in Minimum PNP Logo Sizeprint nor smaller than 32 pixels in digital formats. There is no maximum size limit, but use discretion when sizing the logo. It should never be the most dominant element on the page.


    The PNP logo must remain proportionally balanced. To scale the logo correctly, hold down the shift key while dragging a corner of the logo to the desired size. Never change the logo by compressing, expanding, distorting, or changing it in any manner.


    If you find a need for alternate sizes, such as digital app icons, please contact Communications.


    Logo spacing

    Minimum PNP logo clear space In order to maintain an appropriate amount of clear space around the logo, a minimum of .0167 inch of white space should border all sides of the logo.



    Logo placement

    Example of 4 corners Preferred placement for the PNP logo is in any of the four corners of a particular piece, with greater preference placed to the top left corner. This ensures clarity and consistency in presentation.

    When utilized in conjunction with a CCIU logo, the PNP logo will play the primary role in terms of size but should remain within one of the four corners, preferably one of the top corners.



    A tagline is not currently approved for use with the PNP logo and should not be created without direct consent from Communications. As previously indicated, icons, type or marks other than what is presented in these guidelines are not approved to be used in conjunction with the logo.


    Logo assets

    All available logo files can be accessed via the following link:

    Maroon "Download" PNP Logo Button

    Logo guidelines provided are to be strictly adhered to. If you have any questions regarding the proper way to utilize these logos, please contact Communications for clarification. Additionally, when applying an approved logo please be cognizant of associated Legal requirements.