• CCIU Promotional Items

    In support of the numerous events and meetings held with members of the Chester County community, the Communications division has made available a selection of promotional items that members of the CCIU staff can utilize to help promote the organization and its mission.

    To order promotional materials:

    1) Review the list below of available promotional items and associated cost and identify your desired items

    2) Click on the order link and complete the request form - be sure to provide the desired ASN

    Once submitted, a member of the Communications team will be in contact with you to coordinate the delivery of the requested materials.




              CCIU Magnetic Clip (red)            $1.07 each






         CCIU Pencil                                $0.24 each






         CCIU Pen                                  $0.35 each





            CCIU Piggy Bank                        $1.72 each






          CCIU Foldable Flying Disc           $0.56 each







            CCIU Notepad                           $1.19 each







                  CCIU Travel Mug                       $4.35 each








                        CCIU Power Bank                    $7.67 each



    Red button that says, "ORDER FORM"

     Updated August 2019