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    BVA Parent Testimonials

    "When our son was in 8th grade, we explored an online option for high school with our school district. Our son trained in a sport that required him to practice during school hours. He needed an online option that was flexible and enabled him to do school work at his pace during nontraditional school hours. His course load, selection and rigor were dictated by our district so it met their challenging standards for a high school diploma. We also needed to ensure some courses met NCAA requirements. This was a new experience for us. BVA has been in lockstep with our district, us and our son during this whole process, ensuring our son had what he needed. Everyone has been very accessible and responsive. It’s taken a village to help our son on his path and BVA has been an essential partner in supporting him along his way."
    - Kris and Bruno Casabon

  • Online learning is not only a different learning experience for students, but it is also different for parents. When considering virtual schooling for your students, ask yourself the following:

    Will I be able to set up a safe, effective learning environment?

    Unlike brick and mortar schools, your child will not have a physical location to report to for their schooling each day. Their schooling is fully online, based wherever their computer is docked. Ideally, coursework should be completed in a setting where distractions are minimized and the student is able to concentrate. Parents will be responsible for coordinating an appropriate location and supervision to ensure a safe, effective learning experience.

    Will I be able to support my child’s learning during the day?

    While online learning provides flexibility around what hours a child chooses to engage with their coursework, in order to stay on pace for completion a child will need to commit a good block of time to study during the day. While BVA students have access to a number of learning support and technology support channels, there may be times when they need assistance from an on-site adult. Or, they might need an extra little nudge to help keep them on-task and on-schedule. Parents can play an important role in the success of their students.

    Will I be able to clearly set expectations and accountabilities for my child?

    Online learning demands a high level of independence and self-discipline. Online students must be able to stick to a routine study schedule, plan their work and work their plan, and be able to complete multiple assignments on a daily basis without reminders from a teacher. While there are many characteristics that help make a child a successful online learner, one of the most influencing factors is the structure they receive at home. When parents clearly set expectations related to school and they hold their students accountable to those expectations, the level of success multiplies.