• Make PIMS Work for You

  • Interested in elevating your school's capabilities and maximizing associated learnings? Contract directly with the CCIU to gain customized services and offerings unique to your LEA.

    Custom LEA-specific Training

    This three-day boot camp provides in-depth, on-the-job, orientation training for new PIMS administration and/or data team members. Training aligns with existing LEA processes and in addition to the general overview of PIMS, provides detailed instruction in the following areas:
    • Collection-specific training from start to finish: Determine the required data elements and templates, deadlines, data contacts within your LEA, how to troubleshoot errors, and what happens after the data is uploaded. Possible collections include Safe Schools, Special Education, Course / Instructor, PVAAS, and Graduation Cohort.

    • Data Governance Best Practices: Work with data team members to streamline data policies and procedures across your LEA. Determine the flow of data throughout your LEA from data entry to ACS.

    • PIMS Reports (Cognos) Analysis: In-depth navigation of the PDE Cognos reporting system including use of bookmarks, shortcuts and workflow optimization. Learn to use Cognos reports to detect errors and validate data.

    PIMS Consulting Services

    Data Consulting Service packages are customized to the needs of your LEA. After an initial consultation, a service package will be developed to include any or all of the following:
    • Data Process Appraisal: Follow the flow of data through your LEA to increase efficiency and formalize internal process guides.

    • Audit Preparation: Prepare your LEA for an audit to ensure compliance and reduce potential funding loss.

    • On-Site Support Services:  PIMS submission coverage during the absence of a PIMS administrator.

    Support Blocks (10, 20, 30+ hours)

    Immediate assistance with any type of PIMS-related, LEA-specific questions via email, phone or Zoom session. Blocks are used in 15 minute increments.
  • For more information including pricing for any of our services, please contact:

    Stacey McCreary - Data Specialist II
    Phone - 484-237-5042