• Orientation

  • The key to ensuring accuracy and efficiency in data reporting is to do it right from the start. Below are just a couple ways the CCIU can help your new PIMS administrators get up-to-speed quickly and accurately at no cost.

    Data Quality Curriculum

    Created especially for Entry Level PIMS Administrators with less than one year of experience, this 40-hour online Moodle course helps establish an understanding of the basic skills needed to submit high-quality data to PIMS. Objectives include how to: upload data to PIMS, resolve errors, coordinate with data personnel, report to school administration, analyze reports, gather requirements and check for accuracy.

    On-site Orientation

    Held on-site at the LEA, this two-hour orientation presentation, designed for new PIMS Administrators with less than one year of experience, will cover the following topics: What is PIMS: purpose and how is it used, consequences /impact of PIMS on an LEA and data governance 101.


    Interested in more one-on-one training customized to your specific LEA and your existing processes? Click here.