• Preschool Special Education Services (Early Intervention)

    The CCIU offers a vast array of programs and services for eligible young children between the ages of three and five years old. Among these services is a full continuum of Preschool Special Education programs to meet the needs of children with special needs and developmental delays.
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    Educación Especial Preescolar (Intervención Temprana) El CCIU ofrece muchos tipos de programas y servicios para los niños pequeños entre las edades de tres y cinco años. Los programas de educación especial preescolar satisfacer las necesidades de todos los niños del Condado de Chester con necesidades especiales y retrasos en el desarrollo. Haga clic aquí para completar una forma en español.

    Preschool Special Education Services are provided free of charge to children and their families who reside in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

    Parents, agency personnel, preschools, day care providers and medical practitioners may refer a child for screening and evaluation. If a child is found to need Preschool Special Education Services, an individualized education plan (IEP) is developed and the appropriate services are arranged. Learn about the full process. To arrange for an evaluation and screening, call 484-237-5150 or complete an online referral.
    Classroom-Based Programs
    Currently, CCIU operates 30 classroom-based programs. Thirteen of these classes are located in regular elementary schools throughout the county. Students attend for varying amounts of time per day and per week. Each class is staffed by a full-time, certified special education teacher and an instructional assistant.
    Itinerant Programs
    Itinerant Preschool Special Education programs and services may be provided in your home, or in your child's regular preschool. If your child demonstrates a specific need for individual or integrated services, they may be provided on-site by an appropriate specialist.
    Related Services
    The Individualized Education Planning team (IEP) may determine that a student needs a related service to benefit from his or her early intervention program. Examples of related services which the CCIU or local Chester County school districts provide include:
    • Transportation
    • Speech Therapy
    • Physical and Occupational Therapies
    • Assistive Technology
    • Vision Support

    Additional services may be provided if deemed necessary and appropriate by your child's IEP team.