• Decorative CCIU Logo Header

    Visual identity goes far beyond just a logo. Think about how certain colors, photography styles or fonts automatically make you think about a particular brand. Consistent use of particular design elements can strengthen your brand just as much as a logo. With that said, the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is comprised of a large and diverse set of divisions, programs and services. The uniqueness of each should be celebrated. Rather than create a large collection of individual logos, we encourage divisions to utilize photography, copywriting and design to express their strengths, all while being endorsed and unified by the overarching CCIU logo.

    The following guidelines pertaining to visual identity have been established to create unity within the IU, while also providing the flexibility for each program to establish their presence.

    We strongly encourage divisions, whenever possible, to utilize the help of the CCIU’s Communications Specialists to help craft messages that resonate with audiences and establish a design that ensures a consistent, professional level of quality from the IU.



    A photo collage of our CCIU students participating in various class activities