• Decorative CCIU Logo Header

    The existing Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) burgundy and gray corporate-level palette has been expanded to include the use of both dynamic and neutral colors that complement each other and can be used in any combination as long as the integrity of the CCIU brand is not diminished (i.e. the CCIU logo remains a complimenting design element).

    What does that mean?

    You have the flexibility to define your program’s colors, so be creative! When pairing colors together use a combination of dynamic and neutral colors but be careful not to utilize all dynamic or all neutral. We’ve defined a core set of colors (shown here with Pantone values) for you to start from. Don’t feel limited to the Pantone colors defined here. Feel free to play with filtered values (tints) of each of these, but remain within the identified color families.

    CCIU Primary and Secondary Color Palette

    Once you’ve selected your program’s core color palette (1-2 primary colors), look to continue working with those colors and an associated complimentary secondary palette to continue to build the visual identity. The following are a few examples of program-specific color palettes that have been identified and utilized.

    Preschool Special Education

    Preschool Special Education's Primary Colors

    Brandywine Virtual Academy

    BVA's primary colors

    Therapy Connect

    Therapy Connect's primary Colors

    Technical College High School

    TCHS' primary Colors