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    Video can be a strong medium in which to personify the programs and services of the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU). If done correctly it has the opportunity to not only communicate a message, but also an emotion that connects viewers more closely with the highlighted service and people. In an effort to appropriately capture the professional quality of the IU’s services and the community connection, the following guidelines should be implemented in any video project.


    The goal of any video is to connect with the viewer and in order to do so, the video must be relatable. Whether filmed in a studio setting, at a student event or via a more casual iPhone capture, the tone must remain honest and real. While able to position oneself as a leader, the tone should never overtly feel boastful or arrogant. Our mission is to enhance lives and to do so we often must partner. The viewer must see that we are trustworthy, reliable and genuine in our efforts to serve their needs with the highest level of success.


    As much as possible, videos should look to include actual program/service participants. By doing so, the viewing audience has someone they can relate to and connect with. It also provides a level of credibility. Video footage that has been captured by any representative of the IU should never be used without expressed written consent of the subject, or subject’s parent or legal guardian. Please utilize the following model release form (Spanish version of the model release form) to obtain the appropriate permissions that can then be kept on file for future use. Keep in mind that in a group shot, permission must be obtained for every individual in the shot.

    Similar to photography, the subjects within a video should be representative of the diverse audiences the CCIU serves.

    Be mindful of the background included in the video capture. It should be kept simple and clean whenever possible. Maintain focus of the capture on the subject and as necessary the background can be blurred in post-editing. When filming in a location outside of CCIU property, be aware that approvals and/or permits may be required.


    Collage of CCIU Videos

    Design Elements

    Design elements utilized within a video should follow the same guidelines outlined in the Logo and Visual Identity sections of these brand guidelines as video is just another channel for communication. For video specifically, the following considerations should be taken into account:

    • The CCIU logo and/or applicable school logo should be incorporated into the intro and outro of any video to clearly associate the content with the organization.
    • Utilize the lower third of the screen to identify speaking subjects within the video. Identification only needs to occur on the subject’s first speaking appearance and should remain on screen for a minimum of 3 seconds to allow for appropriate reading by the viewer.
    • Transitioning between cuts or sections should be done as simply as possible without excessive animation which could distract the audience from the key take-away of the prior section.
    • As with photography, it is important that you use the highest quality images within the video.


    When capturing speakers, clear audio is imperative. Background noise should be minimized as much as possible unless used for effect. When necessary please have subjects set up with a lavalier microphone.

    When selecting music for use within a video, the overall tone of the clip must be considered – not only in how it aligns with the context of the video but also how it represents CCIU as a brand. Music should supplement text or add an emotional touch; it should not dominate the video. Music selections should remain professional and more traditional in nature. Avoid potentially abrasive music styles, such as techno or heavy metal. Instrumental music is preferred, but if vocal music is utilized the lyrics must be fully reviewed in copy form by Communications to ensure appropriateness. Any music utilized must have all proper usage licenses captured. Avoid music by well-known artists which require a more time- and cost-intensive process for licensed use.

    Capture and Display

    To enable the highest quality across multiple uses, all videos should be filmed ideally in widescreen format (16:9 aspect ratio) with a 1920 X 1080 resolution. Make a concerted effort to keep videos short. Viewer engagement tends to drop rapidly after 30 seconds, so stick to the key points as planned ahead of time, and wrap it up in less than two minutes for best results.

    For a video presentation on the web, video files should be uploaded to SchoolTube or TeacherTube, our only approved platforms for video sharing.

    Please discuss your video requirements as early as possible with Communications who will work alongside the CCIU Videographer and/or help you determine a more effective marketing solution.