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    CCIU Letterhead The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) letterhead serves as the standard print communication template for all programs. The only exceptions to this are the Technical College High School and Brandywine Virtual Academy letterhead templates. No additional versions are approved and should not be created. Please note that interpretation of the stationery is prohibited.

    Preprinted CCIU letterhead is available from Communications and must be utilized for all communications printed for distribution.  The address line will vary according to program location.  To order letterhead, please contact Communications via e-mail at pr@cciu.org.

    Placement of text

    For proper clearance and placement of your text, please use the following margin settings:

    Lefthand margin                     1.0”

    Righthand margin                   0.75”

    Top margin                             2.0”

    Bottom margin                       1.0”

    All text should be 10 to 12 pt. Helvetica with auto leading (leading is the space between lines of type).  Set text flush left for readability.  Do not justify text. It is harder to read. Also, turn off the hyphenation feature in Microsoft Word.  The unhyphenated text is easier to read. In general, no other graphics may be used on letterhead and envelopes; however, there may be circumstances where exceptions could be approved by Communications.


    Envelopes (#10, #10 window and #8 payroll) with preprinted CCIU logo, address and tag line are available through Communications. Additionally, pre-printed shipping labels with the CCIU logo and mailing address are also available. When a mailing includes letterhead, use of the matching envelope is mandatory. Envelopes also exist for TCHS and BVA.

    Envelope Sample  

    When addressing envelopes and labels, please adhere to U.S. Postal standards.  Use all caps and no punctuation. Addresses should always be typed and never handwritten.



    1234 MAIN ST


    Business Cards

    Any CCIU employee may request official CCIU business cards.

    Business Card Sample  

    Orders can be placed by contacting Communications via email at pr@cciu.org. Please type “Business Cards” in the subject line and include the following information in the body of the email:

    • Name
    • Title
    • Program/School/Department
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • Fax
    • Email
    • Cell Phone (optional)

    Under no circumstances are individual CCIU divisions, departments or programs to create or print their own business cards.

    Pocket Folders

    Photo of CCIU folder Presenting of the information using a CCIU pocket folder not only supports the brand, but it can also add an element of professionalism. To order pocket folders, please contact Communications via email at pr@cciu.org.