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    Editorial voice is the tone and style by which our messages are communicated. It is what differentiates a relatable and impactful message from just another page of words. The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) has a focus and a mission for helping those in and around our community and that passion should be felt through the editorial voice we use in each and every communication we release.

    CCIU communications should exhibit integrity, commitment and a genuine desire to connect with our audience. We seek to relate what we do into how it beneficially impacts our audience. We seek not to simply list features but to bring those features to life with compelling and emotionally driven support. We are leaders, but our voice is one speaking peer to peer.

    To help ensure the CCIU voice is heard, review the tips and guidelines provided in the following pages of this section:

    Additionally, please be cognizant of the legal requirements for written publications. View the guidelines.


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