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    While the AP Stylebook is the Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) main reference guide, below please find CCIU-specific style guidelines that may or may not be covered by the Associated Press.


    1. The Chester County Intermediate Unit’s name

    Capitalize intermediate unit when it appears in our organization’s full name (or the full name of any one of the Commonwealth’s 29 intermediate units). Capitalize the initials CCIU and IU when referring to the Chester County Intermediate Unit. But, use lower case for the words “intermediate unit” when referring to the Chester County Intermediate Unit as simply “the intermediate unit.” These rules apply to the names of schools and school districts as well.

    • Chester County Intermediate Unit
    • CCIU
    • IU
    • intermediate unit

    In all correspondence to an external audience, the first mention of the Chester County Intermediate Unit is to be its full name with the initials CCIU in parentheses behind the name. After which, you may refer to the Chester County Intermediate Unit as CCIU, IU or intermediate unit.

    For example:

    The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) is a regional educational service agency. The CCIU’s use of research-based practices in teaching and learning enhances the intermediate unit’s capacity to support the diverse educational needs of learners.

    2. Program | Department names

    Program and department names are tricky. Capitalize program names when they are unique to the intermediate unit. However, commonly known and generic terms for departments or programs that describe the function are not capitalized. The main objective here is to be consistent.

    Examples to help you figure it out:

    The Career, Technical and Customized Education division oversees vocational education and driver education.


    The School-to-Careers program provides career counseling for high school students.


    At the Technical College High School, students may study automotive technology, culinary arts, health care and animal science.


    The Early Childhood Care and Education program prepares students for a career as a daycare provider or as a preschool teacher.

    3. Job Titles

    Job titles are not proper nouns. Therefore, they are not capitalized. The exception to this rule is when the job title is also a formal title and immediately precedes a person’s name.

    For example:

    Chairman Jane Doe announced today…


    Jane Doe, chairman of the Board of Directors, announced today….

    4. Board of Directors

    The CCIU has made the conscious decision to use capitalization when referring to its board of directors in a sign of respect. Therefore, when referring specifically to the CCIU’s board utilize initial cap as shown below.

    For example:

    The CCIU Board of Directors met on Wednesday to review…

    CCIU division directors met with the Board to discuss…



    Use acronyms sparingly. Do not use an acronym for a two-word name or title. Don’t use acronyms that are easily confused with other program names.

    Never assume that your reader knows an acronym’s full meaning. Always spell out the title or phrase the first time it appears in a communication and place the acronym in parentheses immediately following the phrase.

    A few CCIU Acronyms:

    Program/School                                                                            Acronym/Abbreviated name

    CCIU Learning Center                                                                                      LC

    The Child & Career Development Center                                                    CCDC

    Technical College High School                                                                     TCHS

    Brandywine Virtual Academy                                                                         BVA

    Practical Nursing Program                                                                             PNP

    Avoid creating new acronyms. If the name is too long to actually use on a regular basis, find another name.