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    The Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU) web presence exists primarily within the CCIU site. All programs, schools and divisions must work within the existing website framework and shall not establish separate external website locations. Some exceptions may be made for partnerships with external organizations, but permission must be requested through Communications.

    Development of sections and pages within the CCIU site framework allows for the consistent implementation of branding elements including header images, navigation and footer information.

    Website editors have been assigned within each CCIU division to assist in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information for each school, program and service. These trained editors have the ability to add and/or edit page content. The following should be considered, however, when adding content:

    • Know your audience. Think about how your intended audience will search for information or what information they may want to find rather than developing pages and content based on internal CCIU structure.
    • Minimize repetition. Recognize where information may already exist and look to cross-link where able rather than duplicate information. It helps to streamline information and makes it easier to track where updates may be necessary.
    • Think visual. Reading lengthy copy on-screen can be difficult, so look for ways to communicate information through visuals or to break up long text with photos or video capture.
    • Link smartly. Providing viewers with downloadable resources can be very helpful, but be aware of copyrights. Posting of external content for download requires usage agreements.
    • Be timely. Set aside time each month to review what activities are occurring within your division, school or program and update your pages. Even short updates about past events, upcoming activities or a regular blog/advice column can ensure a more engaged viewing audience. Be sure to also include a review of program information to make sure personnel, contact information and descriptions are accurate.

    For larger website changes, including section additions and restructuring or for help in identifying your division’s assigned website editors, please contact Communications.