• Perfect Attendant Name

  • Perfect Attendant is an innovative solution for students in grades K-12 that are in a Robot rolling down school hallway restricted setting, allowing them full access to their comprehensive educational program as well as the ability to maintain and build peer relationships. Students are able to raise their hand in class, say hi to their classmates in the hallway and eat lunch with their friends.

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    Coordination of initiation of services between home, school and the CCIU
    • Technical training, assistance and support for the student, parents and district staff
    • Classroom support through the introduction of teaching strategies and ways to meaningfully include the student during the school day
    • Electronic transmission of assignments and materials between the home and school

    • Access to student’s full curriculum
    • Increased opportunities for inclusion and peer interaction
    • Eliminates exposure to contaminants such as germs, allergens, etc.
    • Cost-effective compared to traditional homebound tutoring
    • Easy to implement and easy to use


    Sam Ewing, Assistant Director of Student Services
    SamuelE@cciu.org • 610-237-5122

    "It's as if she was right there in the classroom like every other student...it's more than what we could ever hope for."

    -Ashley, Mother of a child receiving Perfect Attendant services"


    Robot in classroom