• Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway

  • Improve the STEM education practices in your schools through a positive, collaborative approach! This three-day immersive program helps school districts and individual schools adopt best practices in STEM education. CCIU is a Pathway Provider, walking your team through the pathway and providing:

    • A process and tools for assessing current STEM programming and creating a practical plan for improvement
    • A guide to develop specific steps that a school or district can take to improve STEM education
    • Supports for teacher professional learning and district-to-district mentoring
    • Recognition for schools that are embracing and moving toward effective STEM education

    Form a district team consisting of teachers, teacher leaders, curriculum coordinators and/or administrators from an individual school or across district. Projects focus on your schools' unique needs.


    Developed by Carnegie Science Center

  • Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway

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    Demetrius Roberts, Ed.D
    Director of STEM and Educational Technology Services


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