Student Invention Convention


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    Chester County students in grades 4-12  are invited to use design thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills to prototype an invention that will make the world a better place. Open to individual students and teams of up to three students. Use any materials you can access. There are no limits to the invention that you can create. Let your creativity soar!


    1. Enter the competition in the following levels:

    • Elementary: 4-5 grade
    • Middle school: 6-8 grade
    • High school: 9-12 grade

    2. Design and Create a prototype:

    • Prototype does not have to be completely built for your video entry; you can submit a video pitch even if your prototype is still under construction

    3. Record a video pitch (not to exceed 3 minutes) of your invention and tell us:

    • What is your invention
    • Why you designed and created your invention
    • How you designed and created your invention
    • How your invention "Makes the World a Better Place"
      • and show us as much of your prototype as you can! 

    4. Submit an entry to have your pitch and idea reviewed:

    • Students may work as an individual or team
      • one entry per individual/team
    • Enter today by providing names(s) and contact info at a minimum
    • Deadline to complete your entry by adding full details TBA


    Looking for Ideas?

    Selected Inventions

    • Semi-finalists: Top entries will be selected, six at each level
      • Semi-Finalists will be notified via email 
    • Finalists: 
      • Finalists will receive awards for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place as follows:
        • 1st place - $325
        • 2nd place - $200
        • 3rd place - $125


    Made possible by a grant from CCRES 



    Fall 2020
    Grades 4-12
    Make the World a Better Place
    Diane Thomson