• Legislative Overview

    An integral responsibility of the CCIU Communications and Learning Solutions Division is to assist in keeping area educators apprised of state and federal legislation and, in turn, informing the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and state legislative representatives of local support and/or opposition to issues and policies, as well as the impact that proposed legislation will have on Chester County.

    As part of this responsibility, the CCIU’s Communications and Learning Solutions Division coordinates and hosts the Chester County School Boards Legislative Council (CCSBLC), and the director serves as a county liaison to various statewide legislative councils.

    Chester County School Boards Legislative Council (CCSBLC)

    The CCSBLC is comprised of one school board member from each of the 12 Chester County Intermediate Unit’s (CCIU) member school districts. The members are appointed by their respective districts to serve on the Council, which generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

    The purpose of the CCSBLC is to keep Chester County school directors and school district administrative personnel apprised of current legislative and regulatory activity and to share in discussion regarding the potential outcomes.