High School

  • The Brandywine Virtual Academy (BVA) was formed to provide schools with the resources and flexibility to serve students who wish to learn online. It is managed and operated by the CCIU, but the credits align with a student’s assigned school. As such, a student graduating will earn their diploma from their public/private school and not from BVA.

    BVA serves high school students through an expansive range of online course offerings that:

    • Are available in full-year (1 credit) or half-year (0.5 credit) increments during the school year, as well as available during the summer as advancement or recovery.
    • Range from core courses to elective courses, with additional academic, honors and AP levels available
    • Align with Pennsylvania Department of Education standards and accommodate multiple learning styles, abilities and intelligences.
    • Are infused with robust vocabulary, teaching and reinforcement practice, real-world situations and various assessment strategies. WebQuests, audio files, videos, podcasts, online textbooks and online discussion boards are some of the ways that technology is integrated in our curriculum.
    • Are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students work through a course at their own pace, and a sample schedule is provided to assist with time management.