• CCIU Virtual Challenge


    In an effort to keep students engaged and connected to their classmates, school and the community, we have created a series of virtual challenges that will be posted on our social media accounts each week. While these challenges are not meant to replace the live events we look forward to each year, they will still engage students in activities related to STEM, art, Shakespeare and more!


    How to Join #CCIUchallenge:

    Follow our social media accounts to view weekly challenges: @CCIU24 on Instagram and Facebook and @CCIU_24 on Twitter

    1. Follow @CCIU24 on your preferred social media platform

    2. Check back every Monday at 12:00 p.m. for a new challenge

    3. Follow the instructions and create a video or photo

    4. In your post, please provide your first name, school district and grade level

    5. Tag @CCIU24 and use our hashtag #CCIUchallenge

    6. Check back daily for updates on the #CCIUchallenge and see what others are posting!



    Please be sure to use appropriate language, attire and everyday household objects in your #CCIUchallenge videos or photos. If you would like to be featured on our page, we must receive parental permission. Please have a parent/guardian complete the form at: www.cciu.org/cciuchallenge


  • Challenge One

  • The Rube Goldberg Machine Challenge

  • Challenge Two

  • The Mystery Scavenger Hunt!

  • Challenge Three

  • The Shakespeare Monologue Challenge

  • Challenge Four

  • The Art Challenge

  • Challenge Five

  • The STEM Windmill Challenge

  • Challenge Six

  • The Bridge Design Challenge

  • Challenge Seven

  • The Eco Art/Earth Works Challenge

  • Challenge Eight

  • The Musical Instrument Challenge