CCIU Driver Education & Testing Center Services

  • The road to success begins with the Chester County Intermediate Unit (CCIU)!

    The CCIU offers Driver Education and Testing services for both high school students and community members in Chester County and beyond.

  • Online Theory Course

    The Online Theory Course, offered to those who are 15 years or older, is an online course taught by a PA-certified teacher. Students learn about: vehicle handling techniques, Pennsylvania laws, signs and symbols, seat belt usage, the consequences of using a phone while driving, assessing and managing risk, handling car emergencies and more.

    Learn more about the Online Theory Course.

  • Behind-the-Wheel Training

    Behind-the-Wheel Training, which includes six hours of driving experience, can be scheduled anytime during the year. Lessons begin and end at a designated local location and are taught by highly experienced driving instructors using a well-maintained vehicle from our fleet. All vehicles have automatic transmissions and dual braking systems. 

    Learn more about Behind-the-Wheel Training.

  • Driver Testing Centers

    The Driver Testing Centers are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDot) as approved third-party examination centers and offer two additional on-the-road driver examination centers in Chester County: one in Downingtown and one in West Grove.

    Learn more about the Driver Testing Centers.

  • Pricing


    • Prepared Driver (Behind-the-Wheel + 30-hour Online Course + Driver License Exam): $693 (a $25 discount!)
      • Upgrade to a 40-hour Online Course: $740
      • Out-of-county students: $755
    • Instructional (Behind-the-Wheel + 30-hour Online Course): $618
      • Upgrade to a 40-hour Online Course: $665
      • Out-of-county students: $680
    • Ready-to-Drive (Behind-the-Wheel + Driver License Exam): $587
      • Out-of-county students: $649

    A La Carte

    • 30-hour Online Course: $131
    • 40-hour Online Course: $178
    • Behind-the-Wheel Training: $487 (for Chester County students)
    • Behind-the-Wheel Training: $549 (for out-of-county students)
    • Driver Testing Center Standard Rate: $100
    • Driver Testing Center Retest Rate: $60 (at our facility only)