HR Resources

  • The Human Resources Department performs all of the internal personnel functions of the intermediate unit. In addition, Human Resources coordinates the cooperative effort among Chester County school districts to purchase employee and liability insurance and to recruit professional employees. The department also operates the Substitute Caller and Teacher Temp programs for the school districts and the intermediate unit.

    New hires are required to have the FBI Fingerprint Background Check completed. Ask a CCIU Human Resources Generalist for more information about the FBI Fingerprint Background Check requirement.

    When registering for your FBI clearance, the service code 1KG6XN should be used. 
    If you work in any of the following CCIU adult services staff or childcare programs: West Chester or Early Care and Education Center and Adult Services/Achieve programs, your FBI fingerprints will need to be completed through the Department of Human Services (DHS) using the following code: DHS738. If you plan to go to a fingerprinting site other than the CCIU, please reach out to your HR generalist for the fingerprinting code.
    You will receive an email from PASafeCheck that will give you access to your unofficial FBI fingerprint clearance. This link is available for ONE-time access only, and once accessed, will no longer be valid. You should only access this link from a device that will allow you to download, print, or save your results at that time.
    What to Submit to HR: Once your fingerprints have been scanned, for verification, you must present the registration ID, known as the UE ID: UZSV Code to HR in person or email it to
    Please visit the IdentoGO website to complete your FBI Fingerprint Background Check.

General Information

  • Address Changes

  • Name Changes

  • Phone Number Changes

  • Jury Duty

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Absence Management Leave Reporting System

  • Job Postings

  • Photo IDs

  • Smoking Policy

  • Frontline


PSERS Retirement Benefits

  • Eligibility Requirements for PSERS

  • Plan Booklet

  • Annual Retirement Account Statement

  • PSERS Retirement Requirements

General Benefits Information

  • Health Insurance Notices

  • Open Enrollment

  • Your Dependents

  • Adding or Deleting Dependent

  • Opt-Out of Insurance Coverage (Full Time Professional and Service Personnel Only)

  • Opt-Out of Insurance Coverage (Full Time Administrative, Project, and Confidential Secretaries)

  • Flexible Benefits- Flex 125 Plan

  • Family Medical Leave Act

  • Unpaid Leave



  • HMS/Health Advocate - Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Workers' Compensation

  • SwiftMD A Revive Health Company

  • Employee Health Plans Benefit Assistance

  • Independence Blue Cross Medical Insurance

  • HDHP/HSA Information - including PNC Bank/WealthCare Saver HSA through Blue Cross web portal

  • Other HSA Resources

  • Blue Cross Online

  • Care Cost Estimator Information

  • Blue Cross Mobile App Available for iPhone and Android

  • Blue Cross Website Support

  • Additional Medical Identification Cards

  • Employee Discounts

  • Locating a Personal Choice Provider

  • How You Can View Your Benefits

  • How to view HSA Transaction history in Blue Cross

  • Influenza Vaccine Reimbursement Form

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global (formerly BlueCard Worldwide)

  • Blue Cross Identify Theft Protection Services

  • Employee Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program

  • Transparency in Coverage (TCR)

Prescription Drug Insurance

  • Online Drug Search

  • General Plan Information

  • IBX/RX Scripts

  • Mail Order

  • Specialty Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Processor Information

  • Your Prescription Drug Coverage and Medicare

Vision and Dental Benefits

  • Vision Benefits of America Insurance Questions

  • United Concordia Dental Insurance Questions